A place where time stands still.

Travelers searching for inspiring experiences and self-discovery will find Sumba’s spiritual roots, ancient culture, uncrowded waves, pristine beaches, mellow inland adventures, and striking, largely unexplored natural setting a breath of fresh air.


The Sanubari offers an experience to suit all.

The Sanubari is seated on a lush reserve within the forgotten ancestral lands of the Marapu people on Sumba island. Ancient and mystical, our 100 hectare reserve is a sanctuary for the explorer, the nature lover and anyone seeking a unique experience in one of the world’s last ancient megalithic cultures. From kilometers of empty white sand beaches, to world-class Indonesian surf, to unique once in a life time day adventures.

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Understated luxury balanced in a perfect state of remoteness.

Expect unique experiences on a visit to The Sanubari. From connecting with locals through our cultural artisan programs, swimming with horses in crystal blue waters, to surfing your heart out, or simply finding inner serenity through connecting with this largely unexplored area of East Indonesia.


For those seeking to get off the beaten track and create lifelong memories.

Travelers searching
for unique and inspiring experiences.